Nail Bracelets – Jewelry Making Guide

Nail bracelets are stylish and, at the same time, extraordinary. The heads and tips are made of metal, and the shank is made with another material. Here’s a brief guide of how to customize it.

Steps to customize a nail bracelet (Choose your color + material + metal + add stones)

Step 1: Choose Your Color

If the shank is the support of a nail, then the cord represents the mainstay of this nail bracelet. The color you wear is likely to give an overall impression. A solid color is always the simplest and safest choice. You can pick classic black, and it will look exceptionally good contrasting with the shiny metal. For a softer and sophisticated touch, the grey works well too.


If you would like to step up from the minimalism, you may enjoy a mix of colors around your wrist. Gradient gives a fashionable and bold feeling that also showcases your personality. What is another choice? Why don’t you wear two different colors on the same wrist? A two tone bracelet in contrasting colors will add a playful touch to your look. Black and blue two-tone leather cord.


Step 2: Choose Your Material

Next, what should you choose as the material for the cord? Most woven bracelets go with cotton threads, but they can easily look worn-out after a few wears. Leather is a decent alternative. It´s soft, durable and versatile. You can wear a leather bracelet to a friend´s wedding or for a casual day out, and you’ll still look stunning. Exotic leather such as python and stingray is a high-end variant from the leather choice. It’s rare and sometimes comes with the natural color of the exotic skin. It also adds so much individuality when the structure and pattern of each piece is unique! Nail bracelets in python and stingray



Step 3: Choose Your Metal 

Usually nail bracelets are seen with stainless steel, shiny to look sharp, and matt to look subtle. What if you can even match the nail color with the cord yourself? You should pair the metal color together with the cord to see if they match, and if the combination gives the same effect as you wanted. Apart from the original color of the stainless steel, gold, rose gold and black metals are also available for you to customize for different feelings.


With customization, one single nail bracelet prototype can breed into thousands of possibilities! You have the choice to add stones if you want to add a touch of glam to them!


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