How To Measure Your Wrist Size

Shopping for the right bracelet involves looking for bracelets that defines your style and personality and ensuring the one you find fits you perfectly. Wrists are not something we usually measure and that makes it natural for us to be confused about the size. Here are three easy methods to measure your wrist size.

Using a Measuring Tape

  • If you are lucky enough to find a measure tape around you, just place it around your wrist
  • Measure it by tightly wrapping around your wrist
  • There you go that’s your wrist size

Using a String and Ruler

  • Relax look around you for a thread and a ruler
  • Wrap the thread around your wrist and mark your size
  • Take a scale and measure the length
  • There you are that’s your wrist size

Using a Printable Template

  • This will require a printer access
  • Provided below is TIAS Collection’s Wrist Size Template
  • Download and cut off the Wrist Sizer
  • Place it on your wrist to get the size in cms and inches

*Note that the printout should be on A4 Size Paper

Wrist Size Guide

The average length ranges from 16 cms to 21 cms usually. But the TIAS Collection’s Wrist Sizer will tell your exact size.
These methods are guaranteed to get the right size and to make your buying experience smoother. All products at TIAS Collection come with a Size chart.

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