Mother’s Day Bracelet Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Mom

Inspire your mom this mother’s day with gorgeous bracelets from TIAS Collection!

The most cherished person in your life deserves to know that you love and care! Watch the immense surprise and boundless joy on her face when she opens your heartfelt gift.

Choose from our lovely collection of bracelets and bangles, personalize it and create a bespoke gift just for your mother, this mother’s day!

  • Geometric bracelets for the quirky, complex mom! This collection embraces individualistic geometric shapes and an array of vibrant and lively colors. Every specific shape and color represents a particular attribute and quality. Knowing your mother, as well as you do, select a bracelet that suits her style, personality and temperament perfectly.
  • Aura Beaded bracelets for the tranquil, serene mother! Our Aura Beaded collection of bracelets is uplifting, devotional and calming. Each type of bead / stone / crystal has a powerful and beneficial effect on the chakras in our body. A particular crystal resonates well with a specific chakra energy promising a pulsating, rainbow-colored aura which infuses us with joy, peace, courage and motivation.
  • Snake collection bracelets for the strong and glamorous mum! Classy and contemporary, the TIAS Snake collection of accessories is super funky and glittery! It drapes around the wrist sinuously and makes you feel powerful, exotic and mysterious.
  • Bangles for the super stylish mum! The classic, slip-on bangle is perfect for mothers. Our range comprises elegant and stylish bangles which will give your mother a touch of timeless style, radiance and sophistication.
  • Inspirational bracelets for the spiritual mom! Get truly inspired by our Inspirational Buddha creations. Soothing and one with nature! Delight your mom with our finely chiselled, intricate Buddha accessories which will motivate and energize her. Timeless glam!