About TIAS

TIAS is a high end jewellery brand with its head office based in Hong Kong.

At TIAS we work with a strong fashion European designer team and obsess over every minute detail. Our high quality modern materials are ethically sourced from around the globe. Distinct leather types, beads, natural stones, custom-made ropes, stainless steel materials and metals are used to create each unique design. Designs that are part of collections that capture moods, intentions and styles.

TIAS sells to high-end retailers and end consumers worldwide and participates in exhibitions around Asia.

At TIAS our work is our life.

Mission Statement

To find the right balance between unique stylised designs, high quality materials and convention-shattering innovation at affordable prices.

Exceeding customer satisfaction is our key mission.

Our Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Childhood Dream…

Our story began in 2017. Founder of TIAS, a young entrepreneur from a Utopian Spanish resort island, decided to use her flair for high street fashion, her taste for style and her world travel experiences to make her dream come true – to launch a brand of stylised elegance for the contemporary buyer. An exclusive high-end brand that is synonymous of elegance, quality, affordability and outstanding customer service.

TIAS Was Born To Fill The Creativity Void.

TIAS is the creation and inspiration from different fashion metropoles – NYC, London, Spain, Hong Kong and India. Tina was brought up in Spain where she worked for over a decade in a chain of renowned branded luxury stores and franchises. She lived in London where she pursued her Masters in business management, after which she studied fashion & beauty in India and then worked in Manhattan in the digital world. Tina´s multifarious inspirations for TIAS come from infusing these experiences, working alongside a team of experienced professionals, while understanding the needs and desires of the modern-era consumer.

From Outré To Elegant…

TIAS collections vary from inspirational, classical and luxe to mesmerising beads and healing natural stones. Wearing TIAS represents elegance and style.

Change lives while adding glam to your style

TIAS collaborates with New Horizon, a Charity Nursery School that provides free education to children from very poor backgrounds residing in rural western India. Purchasing a TIAS piece will give the buyer the chance to do a small yet important part in helping the under-privileged. 1$ of every purchase will automatically go to the School, whose mission is the holistic development of children, instiling in them positive human values and intentions, just as our Collections.

With every piece you purchase you will be lifting children out of poverty.

Welcome to TIAS