About Us


TIAS works with a strong fashion European designer team and obsesses over every minute detail. High quality modern materials of fine leather, stainless steel and custom-made ropes are used to create each unique design.

A range of collections capture a diverse range of themes, moods & styles. Geometric, Inspirations, Nail, Natural Stone, Beads, Snake, Skull, Aura Beaded and Bangles & Belts are just some of the collections under which our beautifully crafted bracelets and wristbands fall under.


To find the right balance between timeless classic designs, natural materials and convention-shattering innovation that will allow you to become exactly what you think.


Once Upon A Time, There Was Just A Childhood Dream…

A young entrepreneur, from an Utopian resort island near the coast of Africa, decided to use her flair for high street fashion, her taste for style and her world travel experiences to make her dream come true – to launch her own brand of stylised elegance with expression of attitude.

Her name is Tina and she is the creative mind behind TIAS, a unique jewellery brand that is here to stir the waters of conventional accessories and add her own dazzling colours to the black and white industry.

From the outset, Tina’s utilitarian and opulent aesthetic offers a contrast and creates a signature style like no other. Her collection keeps her stylistic and philosophical approach alive through a gamut of ranges.

TIAS Was Born To Fill The Creativity Void.

TIAS is the creation and inspiration from different fashion metropoles. Her multifarious inspirations come from walking down the vibrant streets of Manhattan and Hong Kong for two years, to running a decade-long successful chain of branded fashion stores in Spain, combined with education in London and India in beauty, fashion and business management.

TIAS is a brand that infuses these experiences while understanding the needs and desires of the modern-era buyer.

From Outre To Elegant…

TIAS Collections vary from awe-inspiring skulls and snakes to mesmerising beads and rustic ropes. Be it for party glam or corporate events, TIAS bracelets will become your go-to accessory for every occasion.

Change lives while adding glam to your style

With every piece you purchase you will be lifting children out of poverty. TIAS collaborates with New Horizon, a Charity Nursery School that provides free education to children from very poor backgrounds residing in rural western India. Purchasing a bracelet will give you the chance to do a small yet important part in helping the under-privileged. 1$ of what you pay will automatically go to the School, whose mission is the holistic development of children, instiling in them positive human values and attributes, just as our Collections.

It's still new year in February 😀.Have a great 2019 everyone.

Posted by New Horizon School on Friday, February 8, 2019