Buy Matching Couple Bracelets for Valentine’s Day 2020 with TIAS

Valentines bracelets | TIAS Collection

Buy Matching Couple Bracelets for Valentine’s Day 2020 with TIAS

Valentines bracelets | TIAS Collection

Valentine’s Day – the feast day of Saint Valentine, the lover’s saint – is just around the corner again. Prepare to be surrounded by a burst of red, pink and white hues, the palette of love. Independent of geography, distance and time on this blue planet, mankind has irresistibly gravitated towards the influence of love, as aptly captured in the timeless verses of legends like Byron, Keats, Emerson, Gibran, al-Farid, Rumi and Hafiz, to name just a few.

Of course, today, unlike earlier, romantics everywhere are inundated with options on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day and what to gift their significant others. Despite the plethora of options, however, finding unique gifts and experiences to share on Valentine’s Day has become more and more difficult.

Heart-shaped confetti, doves, cute stuffed toys, figures of winged Cupid and surprise proposals are all synonymous with romance & love. Accessories like bracelets and earrings are always appreciated and loved, especially since they’re always visible on your person and when carefully selected show an extension of your personality.


Love is all about giving, which forms the basis of doing something, small or big, for your loved ones to make them feel cherished and special. Our Valentine’s Bracelets fit the bill for great Valentine’s Day Gifts. They’re beautiful, themed to the occasion, can be matched and paired by you and your loved one, and neither opulent nor extravagant. They’re the perfect symbols to show that you care.


For couples, gifts that come in matching pairs are unique and carry an intimate identity – they tend to symbolize the relationship. You love someone who complements (and compliments for that matter!) you. Sharing a complementary pair of gifts like our bracelets with your loved one adds a piquant twist to your relationship and highlights the unity, despite the duality, of you & your partner.

Valentine bracelets are handy, chic & trending gift items. TIAS Collections brings to you a diverse collection of matching bracelets for couples. These matching relationship bracelets are created by very creative team that captures a diverse range of themes, moods and styles. The unique his and hers bracelets come under different collections viz. geometric, inspirations, nail, natural stone, beads, snake, skull, aura beaded and bangles, & belts.


A Valentine’s Day bracelet for him will remind him of you whenever he looks at it. On the other hand, Valentine’s Day bracelets for her will leave her floored for giving her a token of your affection that will make her feel cared for always. Truly, the infectious exuberance of Valentine’s week spares nobody!

TIAS Collection also brings to you bracelets in pairs which you can purchase for gifting as love bracelets for him and her. These bracelets can be found in different sizes and colors at

Gold Enlightenment Beads

Ball Black Elegance

These beautiful artifacts of subtle elegance promise to add a unique splendor to your aura.

TIAS Collection offer you your go-to accessory for every occasion, be it for Valentine’s Week, parties or corporate events. Check out the many bracelet categories, for both women and men, at and